Hybrid events, why you should consider them!

The global pandemic presented the world with many challenges, on the health front as well as the social and interaction front. Workers, students, and family members were separated to follow social distancing, leading to offices, schools, and event halls being devoid of the spirit of direct social interaction. However, we have seen how the world all over responded to the challenges presented by the pandemic with immense adaptability and innovation. Professionals collaborated through virtual conferencing, families connected through video communications and events were held virtually. Humanity did not skip a beat. Now, as we move towards a new world and a new normal, we have seen a steep rise in hybrid events, events that occur physically and are mirrored virtually.

Hybrid events present the world with opportunities that could not have materialized in previous years. Today, a person in Argentina can attend a concert in Dubai without leaving the comfort of her home, while her favorite artist is firing up the stage with their incredible talent. The ability to have a great physical event that is a spectacular attraction, while simultaneously having the ability to broadcast it to the globe is the primary advantage of hybrid events.

Moreover, hybrid events open business avenues that might not be readily available with physical events. An example of this would be lead and data capture. Having a virtual mirror of your event, enables you to capture contact information of your attendees and leverage it into business actions. As well, with the operational data gathered through the platform, you will be able to accurately measure and analyze all points of your events and find out insights such as the most attractive aspect of your event, traffic flow, engagement, and function dwell time. All this information can feed into your upcoming business decisions to help you perform and entertain better.

Additionally, hosting hybrid events opens an additional revenue stream that is not limited by number of seats available, or social distancing restrictions. Imagine hosting a physical event that allows for 500 tickets and amplifying this by 3,000 virtual tickets. The increase in potential revenue alone would be a definite advantage to amplifying your physical event with a mirrored virtual event.

We at eve, believe that virtual events are here to stay. With the technologies that eve platform makes available, you can assuredly capture the benefits of wider global reach, increased business potential, and amplified revenue opportunities. The decision to amplify your physical event with a hybrid model is not something to pass up, and when you decide to conduct your hybrid event, we are ready to talk!

See you on virtual!