Introducing the most reliable 2D virtual event platform - eve lite

Imagine hosting all your audience in one place at a Lower Cost

Virtual Events have become the go to solution in 2021, with several event management tools available in the market. To facilitate the market demand, eve virtual introduced the eve lite 2D version enabling organizers to host innumerable audiences.

Now you can host your next 2D virtual event with ease. The use of 2D event platforms has grown substantially in the past year, as they provide multiple opportunities and are easily accessible on the web itself. It provides a complete virtual event set up with backstage and speaker management, live interaction, live stream, full registration system, event analytics, and many more features.

Moreover, hosting a 2D virtual event has made it easier to meet and network with millions of people across the globe and connect with people one-on-one by using live chats, during conferences and webinars.

Webinars and 2D conferences have created their own niche in the world of events. Event organizers are always looking for platforms that can provide the best experience to their audiences and that’s where eve lite comes in. Based on our virtual event experience, we took the most important features and implemented on the 2D version of eve. It is imperative to stay ahead of the market by providing the most efficient platform

- Mohammed Tayem founder & CEO of eve virtual.

Make your event process as seamless as possible and start monetizing it at a lower cost with eve lite.