About Us

eve virtual launched in July 2020 as a response to market demand to facilitate the events industry and bring events to life on the virtual platform. Aggregating 15+ years of live event experience, we wanted to simulate the live event journey on the virtual event platform. Therefore, we created a 3D virtual platform that allows for interaction, engagement and living the full experience. We created 3D environments, integrated communication tools, created networking opportunities and a robust reporting system for the mutual benefit of the event organiser and the attendees, alike and all this on a completely brandable, customizable platform.

eve is equipped to host virtual events, virtual conferences, virtual roadshows, virtual exhibitions, virtual music concerts and much more. eve provides the flexibility of ready-to-use templates or environments that can be completely customized as per your requirements.

eve has since expanded its offerings to include virtual offices, virtual schools, virtual malls and virtual career fairs. Given the agility and adaptability of the platform, customization of everything imaginable is possible with eve.

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